5 Reasons Why Working with a Job Recruiter is a Smart Move


The job-seeking process is often dreaded. It’s a huge change, and if we know anything about human beings, we naturally resist change, especially one as significant as our career. Taking on a job search can bring feelings of instability, anxiety, and even low confidence. The expectations can be exhausting and time-consuming, and most of us can’t afford to quit our jobs to spend the time needed to find the right job. Employers understand this, at least the good ones do. That’s why companies hire job recruiters, like the ones at Staffworks. Recruiters have become a core part of companies hiring process, whether outsourced like us or in-house.

Who Pays Job Recruiters?

We are a resource to job seekers, paid for by companies. Employers struggle to find and keep employees, especially in the current market. We solve this problem for employers, so if a recruiting company ever asks you for payment, run!

When employers invest in professional recruiters to find their employees, instead of just a job post, it says a lot about that company. It not only shows that they value candidates and their time but also care about finding their culture and not just hiring ‘bodies.’ Our interactions with you are built on relationships, not transactions.

1.    Lessen the Burden of a Job Search

Looking for a job can feel like a job, and you already have one of those. Tasks like finding an offer that makes sense for your life, assessing if it utilizes your skills, questioning if it comes with the company culture you are looking for, setting up interviews, following up, and negotiating the final terms can be a headache. Job-seeking stress is real. But luckily, those things and more can be delegated to recruiters. Working with a recruiter makes your job search more efficient because we only contact you if there’s a job that aligns with your preferences– whether you’re looking for a consulting, contract, or permanent position. This means no more scrolling through countless job postings.

2.    We Get to Know Employers

Unlike a lot of other staffing agencies, Staffworks takes the time to get to know employers.  We visit these businesses hoping to get a feel for the culture, pace, cleanliness, and overall energy. We also note things like if it’s near public transportation. This is valuable information; you can’t research this knowledge for the 30 jobs you just applied to on Indeed. What usually happens is that you find out you don’t align with the culture three weeks in or hate the slow pace. Recruiters take the time to get to know employers because it helps us make the right fit and allows us to answer your questions honestly.

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3.    Personal Support Throughout Your Job Search

We know the job-seeking process can be a physical burden but also a huge mental burden. You’re putting yourself out there, opening the door to criticism and rejection. Taking your career into your own hands is not easy, so we commend you for taking it on.

Your job is a big part of your life, it might feel odd that you don’t want to share details with family or close friends, but this is entirely normal. It’s a heavy conversation. It would help if you had someone to talk it through, preferably a specialist. We offer our professional support throughout the entire process, as well as our emotional support. We are not limited to just the practical stuff like helping you edit your resume. We help you prepare for interviews by talking through potential questions that might be asked, discussing what types of environments you thrive in, or encouragement through a pep talk. We’re your biggest fans when it comes to your career!

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4.    We’re Connected to Serious Employers

Submitting job applications can feel like throwing darts in the dark, especially with many companies automating their hiring systems. You don’t know if a hiring manager will see it, let alone get back to you. Do you reach out again? How many times is too many?

Recruiters solve this by ensuring that they are getting your resume in front of the right people and hiring managers directly. This means questions and concerns are answered promptly, keeping the process moving forward. The employers we work with hire us in consideration of your time and theirs. They don’t want to meet you if you’re not serious just as much as you don’t want to meet them if they’re not serious. Fair.

5.    We Have Industry Knowledge

We get to know employers, but we also have industry knowledge. We understand the skills necessary and recognize the personalities best suitable for certain jobs. It also allows us to create a network of people who help each other. Often, we fill roles through referrals. This is easier when you focus on a set of industries. To view the industries we serve, click here.

Send Us Your Resume!

Working with a recruiter is a free resource for you during your job search. It is not too good to be true. It works because it encourages transparency of expectations on both sides and considers everyone’s time. This means you aren’t wasting your time applying for job posting with 500 other people, and they aren’t receiving 100s of job applicants for people who aren’t even qualified. With a recruiter like the ones at Staffworks, you can have someone to talk your career through, offer advice, and be an overall mentor. To submit your resume, click here.


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