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StaffWorks finds job openings in the CT area so you don't have to.

At StaffWorks, we understand that finding the right job can be challenging. That’s why we take the time to get to know you, your career goals, and your unique skill set. We work with you to identify your wants and needs, and then we help match you with the perfect job.

Whether you prefer to submit your resume and let us find the right opportunity for you or search for a specific job and apply on your own, the choice is yours. Either way, a Staffworks recruiter will be in your corner.

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Benefits of Working With a Recruiter

Lessen the burden of a
job search

 Looking for a job can feel like a job, and you already have one of those.

 Tasks like: finding a job assessing if it utilizes your skills, questioning if it comes with the company culture you are looking for, setting up interviews, and negotiating the final terms can be delegated to a recruiter.

No more scrolling through endless job postings!

Personal support throughout your job search.

Your job is a big part of your life, it would help if you had a specialist in your corner.

We are not limited to just the practical stuff. We help job seekers prepare for interviews, discussing what types of environments you thrive in, or encouragement through a pep talk.

We’re your biggest fans when it comes to your career!

We are connected to serious employers

The employers we work with hire us in consideration of your time and theirs. 

Staffworks recruiters ensure that your resume gets in front of hiring managers directly. This means questions and concerns are answered promptly, keeping the process moving forward. 

No more applying to countless job posting! 

Ready to Get to Work?

What you do:

Bring us your excellent work ethic, your goals and your drive to succeed.

What we do:

Match you with great employers where you can achieve your goals and become happy, productive and successful. In addition, you get:

At StaffWorks, we value you and your contributions.

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