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Road sign that says 'Minimum wage increase AHEAD'

Connecticut 2023 Minimum Wage Increase

As the nation grapples with economic uncertainties, Connecticut stands firm in its commitment to gradually increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour by June 2023. As the state prepares for this milestone, it is

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Using AI Prompts For Your Job Search

Are you tired of sending out dozens of job applications, only to receive little to no response from employers? Do you feel like your qualifications and skills are being overlooked in a sea of candidates?

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recruiter trying to find finance professionals on computer for accounting and finance staffing purposes

3 Candidate Green Flags to Look Out For

You have spent boundless time and money establishing your hiring process. The process steadily brings in candidates…now what? It’s easy to explain the candidate you DON’T want to hire. In fact, you can probably think

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Close up of male hands and laptop with blank screen. Mock-up of computer monitor. Copyspace ready for design or text

Layoff Warning Signs & What To Do When They Happen

From record-high labor shortages to massive amounts of layoffs, the post-pandemic job market continues to shift. The recession has many companies pulling hiring efforts back. Whether it’s scaling back budgets or industry-specific, we go through

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